No insight into who has access to your IT system? Getting more control through a fully integrated digital solution.
Clappform is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that solves challenges in a wide range of industries.

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SoD rule set with the following features:

  • Analyses of access rights of users & roles.
  • Understanding user conflicts.
  • What is the root cause of user and role conflicts.
  • Who has access to critical data or other sensitive information.

Key features


We understand the importance of smooth digital integration. Clappform offers concrete solutions that guide your company in this process. By switching to a cloud-based solution, you can spend less time on administrative tasks and have access to higher quality data.


Clappform wants you to get the maximum value out of your data. We analyze structured and unstructured data, giving you insight into all your systems. You get access to all your data through Clappform's web application. With simple analytics dashboards, you no longer need to rely on monthly reports. Use our AI module and to predict outcomes.


At Clappform we understand the value of automating your business processes. With Clappform Workflow you can automate your business processes and you know exactly how your business is doing. From keeping track of the status of all ongoing projects in your company to sending emails - Clappform Workflow ensures that you are always up to date.


With Clappform you can view your data as you wish. Clappform visualizes your data and insights in one easy-to-use custom application. Together we will find the best way to visualize your data. Any type of graph or table will be available in your dashboard.

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Use our analysis tools to independently investigate the root cause of problems and come up with solutions without the intervention of expensive consultants.

How does it work?

  • Fill in the standard template.
  • Connect via SFTP with Clappform.
  • Login with your own access management environment.
  • Run all analyses
  • Immediately get insight into which conflicts there are in your organization.
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The value of data

Clappform helps you to convert (un)structured data into valuable, applicable insights. Many organizations have a lot of data, both structured and unstructured, but the value of all this information is often still unexplored. With our solutions we can help you get more value out of your data.

Tailor-made for each customer

Clappform easily adapts its tools to your specific needs. We strongly believe in the value of an excellent user experience with a personalized design. Your own logo and colours create a personal feeling.

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